Princess Annalena of Cape Byloch (halfbakedwisdom) wrote,
Princess Annalena of Cape Byloch

So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause

I never have subjects...weird. It's also weird that I'm updating.

I saw Star Wars twice this weekend (hence the quote in my subject) and I have realized many differences between Muvico and AMC. At AMC, they give you about 4 nachos and one thing of cheese. At Muvico, there are way to many nachos to eat and two things of cheese that overflow onto that tray thing that they give you (which you don't get at AMC). Muvico also has different trailers than AMC. I thought that what trailers shown depends on the movie, but no, it depends on the theater. (BTW, The Chronicles of Narnia is going to be a movie...I almost cried I was so excited. This may be my new Harry At Muvico, they don't remind you to turn off cell phones and make sure you know where the exit is (even though the theater is so crowded, short people like me would be stampeded before they got out). The people who work the food lines at Muvico are on speed or something. Elliot should work there. And AMC moviegoers are really annoying. Ok...maybe I was one of those annoying people...but still...

Now I have to go out and buy all the books in the Chronicles of Narnia and reread them. And charge my BRAND NEW LAPTOP COMPUTER.

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