Princess Annalena of Cape Byloch (halfbakedwisdom) wrote,
Princess Annalena of Cape Byloch

1. Can you walk around your house @ night with the lights off and not run into anything? yes. sometimes I close my eyes and do it during the day just to prove that I can.
2. Ever put off emailing for over a month? no...but I have for real letters
3. Ever received a "why don't you write me?" e-mail? no
4. Ever taken your frustration/bad mood out on others? at least once a week
5. Ever had a huge argument and then realized that you were wrong? at least once a week
6. Ever left things the way they were just because it would be harder to resolve it? at least once a week...
7. Ever thought someone was "hopeless?" because I pretend to be conceited, I think everyone is hopeless
8. Ever been so dazed that you take a drink of water but completely miss your mouth? once or twice
9. Ever dropped your toothbrush in the toilet? no
10. Have you ever dropped something in the toilet that you HAD to retrieve? no
11. Ever driven off from the gas station without closing the gas thing? no
12. Can you sleep better @ night or during the day? during the day. the best sleep ever? Spanish class and history tie.
13. Do you print out pictures of celebrities/musicians off of the Internet? not that you can prove
14. Have you ever entered an art contest? no
15. Do you remember the Lisa Frank phase? unfortunatly. I still hate Lisa Frank
16. Is your favourite colour evident by the clothes you wear? no. I don't think I have much green/purple clothes.
17. Coats and sweaters or tank tops and bathing suits? i like hoodies but I hate coldness so I'm gonna go with tanks and bathing suits
18. Do you think everyone should have a significant other during the winter months? what? why just winter?
19. Is there a movie that you can really relate to? not really. Well, maybe Napoleon Dynamite. I remember this one time, I built this girl a cake and she turned me down. Then I found out who her sister was...
20. Ever found lyrics to a song that almost exactly describes you? no
21. Ever go to a "place of business" so often that costumers think you work there? why is "place of business" in quotes?
22. Would you go to a strip club to watch members of the opposite sex? Same sex? i dunno. I doubt it
23. What do you think of guys who dress in drag? I think that they are sexy
24. Do you think movies overemphasize the differences in society? i'm too shallow to answer this question
25. Do you look @ people in the car next to you at the stoplight? all the time. Once, I was with my dad and this woman in the car next to us was plucking her nose hairs and we stared and laughed at her until she glanced our way. then we quickly looked away.
26. Ever said a word so many times in a row that it didn't even sound like a word anymore? i do it in my head sometimes when i'm bored
27. Was there a book series you read growing up? i love books. always have, always will. i mean "yes"
28. Do you write letters on notebook paper, stationary, computer paper, other, or all? notebook paper
29. Ever written a letter to someone and weren't able to give it to them because it was so personal and detailed? no...but that seems like fun
30. Where do your wet towels end up after your shower/bath? umm...back on my towel rack until my next I not supposed to? is this wrong? am I guilty of being...*gasp*...dirty?
31. Ever guessed what time it was and been off by Hours? no
32. Do you have a subscription to anything? magazines...
33. Do you get more friend mail, business mail, or junk mail? I don't get business
34. Ever slept nude? yes
35. Ever walked around your house nude? yes
36. Anyone ever accidentally see you naked? Visa versa? no and yes. but it was just my mom
37. Do you dental floss daily? Weekly? annually is more like. no...thats a lie too. i don't think i've flossed a day in my life.
38. Do you use mouthwash or think that brushing is enough? i use mouthwash when we have it
39. Can you give public speeches without freaking out? i'm giving one tomorrow
40. Ever had to think extremely hard to remember what happened the day before? i have no clue what i did yesterday. or today
41. Which is better: music of today, music of yesterday? i'm into music of tomorrow
42. Do you drive through town, or around it? what kind of question is this?
43. Ever find humor in a part of a movie that no one else does? all the time. some people think I have a deranged, sick personality. i just think they don't get how funny it really is.
44. What do you spend most of your money on? umm...myself
45. What do you waste most of your money on? bras...i once bought a bra for over $20...i have big boobs and i gotta put them somewhere
46. Can you like the lyrics without liking the song? yes
47. Can you like the song without understanding the lyrics? all the time
48. Are accents a turn on? yes but ONLY European accents. anything else is annoying
49. Do you dream more good then bad? umm...huh?
50. Can you interpret your own dreams or do you have to have someone else tell you what they think? benjy used to interpret my dreams...those were the days.
51. Radio or CDs’? radio/television
52. Movies or TV series? television!!!!!!!!!
53. Ever regret saying something hurtful? i regret nothing
54. Ever regret expressing your love? I REGRET NOTHING!!!!!!! i've never expressed my love
55. Do you think some things should be left unsaid? yes...but sometimes i say them anyway
56. Do you stand up for yourself? not a lot but sometimes
57. Do you stand up for others? not really
58. Do you know the difference between standing up for others and fighting someone else's battles? yes. no. maybe. i don't know. can you repeat the questions? i love malcolm in the middle

59. Is there anything that you truly:
+ Protest? intolerance i suppose
+ Support? not really
+ Hate? i hate too many people/things to name
+ Love? ummm.....elliot!
+ Believe in? not really
+ Ignore/doubt? well...not really
+ Admire? let me first say that I loved Hannah's answer of "Ben Carson and Oprah." Oprah, Hannah? Oprah? Wow. I admire those two old guys in the Muppets that sat in the balcony and made fun of everything. thats what i'm going to be when i grow up
+ Want? money
+ Have? empty pockets
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hahaa, i was laughing until tears reading this. twas fun.
omigod, the muppets, yay! you spelled unfortunately wrong. you're a failure.

and you love elliot. hahahahahaha. i don't know why i find it so amusing. but it is.
+ Admire? let me first say that I loved Hannah's answer of "Ben Carson and Oprah." Oprah, Hannah? Oprah? Wow. I admire those two old guys in the Muppets that sat in the balcony and made fun of everything. thats what i'm going to be when i grow up
^May I ask what is wrong with Oprah?