Princess Annalena of Cape Byloch (halfbakedwisdom) wrote,
Princess Annalena of Cape Byloch

Today was absolutely spiffy. Yesturday, not so much. Well, thats a lie. It was.

Jazmin: and yesterday, dennis attacked me

Hannah: did he bite you?

Jazmin: and mr condon just stood by and let that happen

Jazmin: no...he overpowered me

Jazmin: no bites

Hannah: he overpowered you? he has one arm.

Jazmin: i know...i'm not proud

Hannah: how exactly did he overpower you

Jazmin: first, he was sent to hit me with a yardstick. i tried to grab the yardstick from him and we fought over it for awhile before it happened. i was facing the same way as him with him in front of me and the stick across my chest and he was leaning back so that he lifted me off the ground

Hannah: let me understand this. the short stuttering mexican with one arm lifted you off the ground? =-O

Jazmin: this sounds so ridiculous but yes

Hannah: JAZMIN! in the name of all females everywhere, those multicultural rat babies could have beat dennis

Jazmin: i'm very weak

Hannah: we're gonna have to take you to the weight room after school. no more mr. condon

And today, I didn't do a single thing. I slept through math, my watch glass broke in chemistry but other than that, we just popped popcorn, I wrote a crappy essay in History, I stared comatosely in space through english, i lunched through lunch, i wandered through journalism with Ilana, I did spanish class stuff through spanish class and I talked through theatre.

School should be more challenging than this...but I'm not complaining.

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