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Princess Annalena of Cape Byloch

Is it weird that I enjoyed doing the history homework last night?


  • Aristotle thought that the earth was surrounded by spheres and stars and other celestial beings that were kept in perfect rotation by really strong angels pushing them around.
  • Galileo’s predecessor, Copernicus, did not publish his controversial work until the year of his death, but Galileo either was not that smart or liked all the attention, imprisonment and torture threats.
  • The central concepts of the enlightenment (which luckily were in the first part of that section because I was not going to read that whole thing) were...
  • Frederick of Prussia was great...Maybe Frederick wasn’t so great... Maybe he should have tried to run away from his parents a second time. He might have had better luck. Catherine of Russia was “great” also, but this book gets so confused with its adjectives that she probably sucked even more than Frederick did.
  • Do you want to know who Ptolemy is? Me too.
  • The second reason was the Renaissance. I don’t really know how or why, but blaming the renaissance just seems like it’ll fit...The church probably had something to do with it also. However, as you can see from my answer to question number 2, I have no idea what it is.
  • Next, the chapter talks about consequences of the scientific revolution. Because this section is only three paragraphs long, I’m not going to dignify it with a place in my summary.
  • If you flip a few pages in the chapter, you will arrive at “The Enlightenment and Absolutism.” It’s page 610, FYI. I didn’t read much of it but I did read about Frederick and Catherine of Prussia and Russia, respectively.
  • Now let us speak of Catherine the Great of Russia. She is my new heroine. In case you were wondering, Hide and Seek made first place in the box office. Robert Deniro’s other movie, Meet the Fockers, was in fifth place. Bobby is having a good weekend. Anyway, where were we? Oh, yes Catherine the Great of Russia. I’m running out of printer paper so I’m trying to keep this whole thing down to four pages. Let’s wrap this up. Catherine did some great stuff; I like her, reread questions number 4-5. Then the chapter ends with some stuff about the Ausburgs…er…the Austrian Habsburgs, Mother Teresa…er…Maria Theresa, absolutism in France, overall effects of the enlightenment, and a timeline.
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